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Actor and Family Man Cheyenne Jackson on Balancing it All

Cheyenne Jackson was breezy and relaxed when he spoke to us this fall at his home in the L.A. suburb of Granada Hills. Things seemed a lot lighter then — it was just a few weeks before his costar in the Fox sitcom Call Me Kat, beloved gay icon Leslie Jordan, would die suddenly after a medical emergency that preceded a car accident. Jackson was so distraught by his friend’s passing he declined to speak to us for a follow-up interview.

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How this year's Berlinale is bursting open the gender binary
Adele.Kaptan’s performance in the surprisingly comedic drama ‘Rabiye Kumaz vs George W. Bush’ is based on the real experiences of a German-Turkish mother trying to get her son out of prison in Guantanamo Bay during the peak of the US’ “war on terror” campaign.“I think it’s a good thing we don’t have the gender question anymore,” Kaptan told Euronews Culture after she collected her award.“However, I was waiting for the second award and still thinking, ‘isn’t there a male coming along now?’ It’s just a crazy feeling to win.”The award for 'Best Supporting Performance’ was won this year by Indonesian actress Laura Basuki, in ‘Before, Now and Then’ by Kamila Andini.With just one of each acting award now available at the Berlinale, was it a good idea in an industry where prizes are vitally important for an independent film to find a paying audience?“You wish you could give out more performance awards because there were so many wonderful performances,” says Gladiator actress Connie Nielsen, an international jury member at this year’s festival.“But I also really respect the fact you are getting Best Performance regardless of gender, it’s wonderful to get away from gender but it does cut down on the amount of awards [...] I wish the Berlinale had a ‘Best Ensemble’ performance award.