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Melania agrees to another Log Cabin Republicans event but still won’t campaign for her convicted husband

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Melania Trump appears to spend more time with the Log Cabin Republicans than her elderly husband. The ex-FLOTUS came out of hiding in April to headline an event at Mar-a-Lago for the LGBTQ+ conservative group, which often supports right-wing politicians with homophobic views.

On Monday, Politico reported she’s set to host another fundraiser for the organization in July at her residency in Trump Tower, with attendees being asked to contribute $100,000.Stay woke with our briefing while staying informed on all things LGBTQ+ entertainment, life, and more!Though Melania keeps a relatively low political profile, she maintains close ties with the Log Cabin gays.

She’s the group’s biggest fundraising partner ever, and was honored three years ago at Mar-a-Lago during a special dinner.Her husband, the now-criminally convicted ex-president, also spoke at a Log Cabin Republican event held at his private resort and residence in 2022.Portion of Melania Trump’s acceptance speech last night after receiving the 2021 ‘Spirit of Lincoln Award’ from the Log Cabin Republicans for “encouraging individual responsibility, and ensuring equality under the law.” is unclear whether Melania is being paid for her appearances at Log Cabin Republican events.

CNN reported last summer that Melania made over $1.2 million in speaking fees the year before, and that her going rate for a speech appeared to be about $155,000.As we’ve covered extensively, she’s been MIA from the campaign trail, and hasn’t issued a single public statement about her 78-year-old hubby’s legal travails.

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