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20 LGBTQ stars taking over Hollywood in 2022

A new generation of queer actors are stepping into the Hollywood scene, showcasing their talent and bringing their incredible performances to popular TV series and films.

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Queen kicked a disgraced Fergie out her home on 'the same day as toe sucking pic'
Queen booted Sarah Ferguson out of Balmoral the very same day the infamous 'toe sucking' picture came out, it has been revealed.The Duke and Duchess of York, now both aged 58, announced their separation in March 1992 after six years of marriage.But only five months later she saw herself embroiled in a national scandal when compromising photographs of her with her 'financial advisor' John Bryan from her holiday villa in St Tropez were published in the Daily Mirror.In the most notorious of the images the Texan millionaire can be seen sucking Sarah Ferguson's toes as she bathes in the sun, while another shows her kissing him in front of then-two-year-old Princess Eugenie, who is watching on.Now, fresh details of how the monarch herself responded to the furore have been revealed in a new TV documentary.In the upcoming episode of Secrets of the Royal Palace, royal experts describe how disgruntled members of the Royal Family waited downstairs at Balmoral Castle on the morning the indecent pictures hit the nation's newsstands.Journalist Bidisha Mamata then shares what happened next, recounting: "Apparently Prince Philip himself walked in, threw a copy of the tabloids at her, and without a word walked out again."Richard Kay, a former Daily Mail correspondent and close friend of Princess Diana's, then revealed that the humiliated Fergie then had a "one-on-one with the Queen" where she was "very frank about the situation, describing it as "possibly the most difficult moment of her life".But it was too little too late, as the Duchess was pictured leaving the royal residence later the same day, with her reputation in the eyes of the public seriously tarnished.Reflecting on her downfall, Richard Kay said: "It did go to show there
Everyone is sobbing over that devastating new Diana doc that just premiered at Sundance
The Crown and the recent movie, Spencer, didn’t offer enough of an insight into the life of the late Princess Diana, prepare yourself for a more factual exploration of her years in the limelight.A new documentary, The Princess, made by Ed Perkins, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s turned into one of the festival’s big talking points.The doc includes no interviews or voiceovers, and instead stitches together hundreds of pieces of media footage from Diana’s life, pretty much from the time she became engaged to Charles, the Prince of Wales, in 1981.Related: Sarah Ferguson just threw the entire royal family under the bus… then got hit by the bus herselfThe footage, some of which would appear shocking to today’s audiences, includes a newsreader talking of why the 19-year-old Diana was a suitable match for the 32-year-old heir to the British throne, adding her family had “vouched for her virginity.”Other footage includes how wedding fever swept the UK … although one off-the-ball pundit predicted the paparazzi would no longer be interested in Diana after her wedding day (talk about getting it wrong!).The documentary traces Diana’s life in the limelight, up until her death in 1997 in a car crash in Paris.Related: Meghan Markle speaks out against royal family and doesn’t mince her wordsMost of the reviews of the The Princess have been favorable, with it scoring 82% on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing.
TOWIE Gemma Collins fans dub star ‘Hollywood A-lister’ in stunning new snap
Gemma Collins had fans confused she was a Hollywood A-Lister after posting a glamorous snap on social media.Showing off her the new blinds she had installed at her home, fans were immediately distracted by the star’s stunning look, with some claiming she looked like reality star Khloe Kardashian.Fans rushed to comments to heap praise on her gorgeous look.One fan gushed: "I don't think anyone is looking at the blinds Gemma!"A second wrote: “You look like Khloe Kardashian."While another agreed, writing: "Exactly what I thought."The Diva Forever star can certainly afford the glamorous lifestyle as reports show she's asking fans to fork out a whopping £555 for a 30-second personalised video message in her latest money-making venture.Fans are told that they can receive a personalised message from her 'for any occasion', but that the videos can't be used for marketing purposes.Generally, the shout-outs will each cost £55, but special extras such as 'full HD' and the removal of the logo will increase the cost.Her new business venture has rubbed some of her fans up the wrong way as they took to Twitter to hit out at the extortionate price range."WTF? £555 for a 30-second video? You would literally have to be mad to pay that," one fan fumed."I love the GC but no way would I splash that money on this! It's outrageous," another echoed.While another complained: "You'd swear she was Princess Diana!!! Even she wouldn't charge this amount."But Gemma has no qualms about splashing the cash herself.Earlier this week, the former TOWIE star revealed that she has undergone £160 anti wrinkle injections to look more "youthful."Taking to Instagram, Gemma revealed she is starting the week with a bit of self pampering – and indulging in some