Rudy Giuliani: Last News


Rudy Giuliani, broke and friendless, was just dealt another devastating blow

Rudy Giuliani is living on a lonely island these days.First, the purportedly bankrupt lawyer was dumped by Donald Trump, kicked out of the ex-president’s inner circle after being stiffed hundreds of thousands of dollars and told to go F himself. Now, in another devastating blow, Fox News has just banned him from appearing on its propaganda network.According to Politico, Giuliani was supposed to appear on “Fox & Friends” on September 11 to speak about the 20th anniversary of the attacks, but “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Pete Hegseth called him the night before to say he that, um, actually, he was being cut from the guest lineup.Awkward!But it’s not just Rudy who’s banned from the propaganda network.

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