Rudy Giuliani: Last News


Everything is crumbling around Donald Trump and he can’t find a single good lawyer to help him out

What do you do when you desperately need a lawyer but you’re an alleged career criminal/disgraced, twice-impeached ex-president facing multiple lawsuits and a potential federal investigation and you’ve burned every damn bridge imaginable?That’s the dilemma Donald Trump is currently facing.It’s been a little over a week since the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago and reportedly removed 11 boxes of highly classified documents that were being illegally stored in a padlocked room in the basement, and the ex-president can’t find a single good lawyer to help him out.Hell, he can’t even find a decent one.Related: The dude who doxxed FBI agents after Mar-A-Lago raid… just got doxxed“Everyone is saying no,” an anonymous source tells the Washington Post.Another source adds that representing Trump would be way too difficult, pointing to his behavior in White House, specifically during the Mueller investigation, when he would constantly rage tweet from the Oval Office against his legal team’s advice.Several others described him as a nightmare client and said they would be concerned about whether he’d pay them for their work or just hang them out to dry like he did with Rudy.

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