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Rob Rinder: My sexuality should be about as important to you as the size of my big toe

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Shelley King: I was 42 when I came out to my parentsLesbian teacher is now out to her class - after having to hide it 15 years agoWhat is queerbaiting?Luisa Bradshaw-White: I came out as gay by accidentI’m sharing my coming out story because I want both LGBTQ+ and straight people to know how joyous life can be when you are true to yourself.

I am proud that we have reached the stage where if you share your truth with your loved ones, it is likely to be a good experience.

For those that don’t have that support, they have a burgeoning community to turn to. For now, we need to frame coming out stories in positivity as it might make it safer for someone else to live without secrecy and fear.

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