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Sam Smith Sued For Allegedly Copying This Hit Song

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A copyright lawsuit has been filed against pop singers Sam Smith and Normani over their 2019 hit track "Dancing With a Stranger." Songwriters Jordan Vincent, Christopher Miranda and Rosco Banlaoi have accused Smith and Normani, along with a list of names, of stealing the core from their 2015 track "Dancing With Strangers." The songwriters say the tracks are "strikingly similar."  “The hook/chorus in both songs—the most significant part and artistic aspect of these works—contains the lyrics ‘dancing with a stranger’ being sung over a nearly identical melody and musical composition,” the lawsuit reads. “In both songs, the title, hook, chorus, lyrics, and musical composition are all the same—and are repeated throughout the song giving both songs their identities.” To really hear the similarities, the songwriters asked the court to slow the song down to the same BPM as Smith's version where the keys of the song allegedly match.

They also say the videos – which both feature moody interpretive dancers – are too similar to be coincidence. Listen to both songs below: "Dancing With A Stranger" - Sam Smith, Normani "Dancing With Strangers" - Jordan Vincent Do you think they sound similar?

This case is on the heels of another lawsuit involving a major pop artist. A reggae band is suing Dua Lipa over her 2020 disco-pop hit "Levitating."  Neither Lipa, Smith, or Normani have publicly responded to the claims.

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