"Songs That Make Gay People Scream" Is My Favorite Playlist, And I Need To Know How Many Of Them Actually Make Y'all Scream

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curated by fellow BuzzFeed writers, and then updated two years later. Of course.And of course, gays are not a monolith and there is no way all gay people love these songs.

It's just a fun poll!*scream* *silent* *scream* *silence* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* I only learned last year that the indecipherable line in the chorus is just "I put my thang down, flip it and reverse it" in, well, reverse. *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *screams* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* "Cuz all I see are stilettos, I guess I never got the memo" — Me, in my socks*scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* *scream* *silent* .

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