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‘El Houb': Family, Culture and the Quest to Live Honestly Intersect in Intimate LGBTQ Drama (Exclusive Video)

“El Houb” (“The Love”) tells the story of Karim (Fahd Larhzaoui), a young Moroccan-Dutch man caught by his father with another man, who rushes home to finally talk to his parents about the truth he’s hidden from them for so long. What follows is a difficult but necessary confrontation as Karim, after years of keeping up appearances, finally opens up about the fact that he’s gay — but can he expect acceptance from his family if he still hasn’t come to terms with his sexuality?Watch the trailer, exclusively at TheWrap, at the top of the page.The intimate new drama from writer-director Shariff Nasr defies stereotypes about Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) immigrant communities, examining how for many in this situation, the challenge to overcome isn’t hate or bigotry, but silence.

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