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The Authoritarian Threat Is Real | Opinion

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ramped up its vilification of sex changes and other activities, under the guise of "family values."This is nothing new in Georgia.

Last year, I was arrested in Tbilisi for protesting the government while holding a blank white paper. I can confidently attest to the cowardice of the authoritarian regime—it is afraid of a blank page.To the West, I wish to convey the voice of a humble yet determined human rights advocate from a distant nation, deeply rooted in a profound love for freedom.

I urge you to stand in solidarity with the youthful generation in Georgia as they courageously battle against authoritarianism in their quest for freedom.

This is a generation that refuses to yield—a generation destined for victory. Our fight goes on.What unfolds in Georgia today epitomizes a classic case of hybrid authoritarianism.

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