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The best #2020Mood calendar memes (so far!)

More and more people are getting into the #2020Mood meme calendar challenge.The meme features a grid of nine photos. Each photo is labeled with a different month of the year, beginning in January and ending in September, with the photos getting increasingly more desperate as time passes.

Just like 2020.Celebrities, fans, and memers alike have been busy making their #2020Mood meme calendars and sharing them on social media.

We’ve done a roundup of some of our faves.So without another further ado… #reesewitherspoonchallenge #2020 #2020mood #yearchallenge #mommiedearest #memes #joancrawford #instamemesA post shared by Mildred Fierce (@themummydearest) on My 2020.

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