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Trans woman was strapped to chair and given electric shocks ‘to make her normal’

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not for transgender people, despite them being nearly twice as likely to be targeted.Four years after initially promising a ban, the government has said it is a legally complex issue and ‘further considerations are needed’.‘I went to an NHS hospital, I was taken into a dark room and strapped to a wooden chair.

Electrodes were soaked in saltwater and stuck to my arm’, Carolyn, from Lancashire, told‘Pictures of women were shone on the wall in front of me.

Then randomly, they threw the switch. ‘The pain shot through my body, my arm shot up in the air. This was repeated. They tried to make me associate pain with who I saw myself as being, who I wanted to be.’Speaking about the government U-turn, she said: ‘My first feeling was a total lack of surprise.

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