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WATCH: Aussie boys frolic, swim, and fall in love in this sizzling gay anthology

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There does seem to be a certain mythos around Australian guys, doesn’t there? Just hearing the term “Aussie boys” you immediately start to conjure up an image: Sun-kissed, ripped and rugged, smelling like the beach (but not in a bad way), gentle eyes…Whoops, we got carried away.What we meant to say was: There’s a new, gay anthology film that taps into that mythos, exploring the stories of these oft-deified beings from “Down Under.” The Aussie Boys is a collection of seven shorts from seven up-and-coming directors, each said to be about “the lives and loves of these men and boys from across Australia.”Not just a brand of gay apparel—or something one might type into the search bar of an adult website—”Aussie Boys” is a mood, it’s a vibe, it’s a mindset.

And the film aims to explore it from all angles: “From historical beginnings in the 1600’s all the way through to noughties truck stop dilemmas, present day road trip romancing and faces from the past returning for a final goodbye.”Related: Seven hot swimwear brands from designers down underBut, as expansive as that may sound, we will note that The Aussie Boys appears to present a fairly limited view of gay life: Namely that of white, able-bodied cis men who nearly all (but not entirely) fall between the ages of 18-35.

It’s perhaps not the fullest representation of gay life on this expansive, diverse continent.Still, we’re always happy to shine a light on projects that center and celebrate gay stories, and The Aussie Boys is certainly that.

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