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Yasmin Finney responds to UK MP praising Heartstopper’s ‘life saving’ trans representation

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Yasmin Finney has called MP Luke Pollard’s praise for Heartstopper’s transgender representation “a moment for the history books.” During a debate about including trans people in a ban of so-called ‘conversion therapy’ at Westminster Hall on 13 June, the Labour politician discussed the importance of LGBTQ+ role models and visibility for all aspects of the community. “As some Members will know, I am an unapologetic fan of Netflix’s Heartstopper,” Pollard explained. “I remember being both Nick and Charlie at school.

Yasmin Finney, who plays Elle, is epic in her acting; however, for me, it is her class and visibility as a trans actor, and her transfer to the Doctor Who universe, that has inspired not only me but young trans people across the world.

That visibility and legitimacy has saved lives.” There has been widespread outrage in the UK after the government’s U-turns on a comprehensive ban of the practice, which has now resulted in a watered down version of what was originally promised.

Trans people are not currently expected to be offered any protections by the legislation, with the government stating “different considerations” are needed for this in its response to the aforementioned petition.

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