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9-1-1: Buck coming out to Eddie has fans “bawling”

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Buck coming out to his best friend Eddie in the latest episode of 9-1-1 has been praised by fans. Following on from last week’s episode, which saw Evan “Buck” Buckley (Oliver Stark) explore his sexuality for the first time with former firefighter and LAFD Air Operations pilot Tommy (Lou Ferrigno Jr.), the duo went on their first date.

Tommy could sense Buck’s nervousness, with Buck insisting that, although this is his “first date with a dude”, he’s not “weirded out”.

He continued to tell him that he’s a staunch ally of the LGBTQIA+ community because he puts a “rainbow sticker” on his Instagram every Pride Month. (Yikes, but also, cute?) Their date was interrupted by the surprise arrival of Buck’s best friend Eddie (Ryan Guzman) and his girlfriend Marisol (Edy Ganem).

Buck, who is yet to come out to Eddie, tells the couple that he and Tommy’s plans were to “find some hot chicks, because chicks love firefighters”.

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