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Gina Carano Officially Rejects Disney’s Desire To Dismiss Her Discrimination Suit, Counters Mouse House’s “Carte Blanche Authority” To Fire Her

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A month after Disney and Lucasfilm filed paperwork to have Gina Carano’s wrongful-discharge and sex-discrimination suit tossed out, the fired Mandalorian star has kicked back to keep her Elon Musk-backed legal action off the mat. “After admitting that they discriminated against Carano for her personal political beliefs and subjected her to disparate treatment from her similarly situated male co-stars, The Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm LTD, and Huckleberry Industries (collectively, “Defendants”) assert that the First Amendment to the U.S.

Constitution gives them absolute immunity,” says the May 9 response to defendants motion to dismiss from Carano’s Schaerr Jaffe lawyers filed in federal court here in LA (read it here). “Defendants are incorrect.” Tugging the Constitution out of the Mouse House’s hands, the reply adds: “Neither the First Amendment itself nor the few cases applying the First Amendment in the context of casting give employers the right to control or punish the personal speech of employees.

None of Carano’s comments reference Defendants, Star Wars, or The Mandalorian, or had anything to do with Defendants. Carano’s claims do not seek to impose any message on Defendants or to change Defendants’ speech in any fashion.” “Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss should be denied,” Carano’s team states, noting “the First Amendment does not give Defendants the carte blanche authority to terminate Carano for expressing her personal beliefs.”  A hearing on the dismissal motion by Disney and the other defendants against former MMA star Carano has been set for June 12 in DTLA before Judge Sherilyn Peace Garnett.

Just a touch under three years after Carano was pink slipped by Disney for what Lucasfilm said were “her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities,” the bounty hunter Cara Dune actress sued the once again Bob Iger-run entertainment giant Star Wars division of Disney and Huckleberry Industries.

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