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Brittney & Cherelle Griner are the inspiring team America needs right now

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A post shared by Phoenix Mercury (@phoenixmercury)“I’m never going overseas to play again unless I’m representing my country at the Olympics,” she said in December at her first press conference back on U.S.

soil. Like many WNBA players, the Phoenix Mercury standout played overseas during the offseason to earn extra money. Her salary in Russia was more than $1 million annually, whereas the WNBA’s maximum salary is $228,094.

In addition to shedding light on the plight of unjustly imprisoned people around the world, Griner’s detention exposed the deep structural inequalities between men’s and women’s sports in the U.S.Griner’s list of athletic achievements are incredible: two Olympic gold medals, a WNBA championship, an NCAA championship, eight All-Star appearances and two scoring titles.

The No. 1 pick in the 2013 WNBA Draft, she publicly came out as gay before entering the league. A post shared by BG (@brittneyyevettegriner)“Being one that’s out, it’s just being who you are,” she said in an interview with Sports Illustrated. “Just be who you are.

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