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Bugs Bunny Serves High Drag in 80th Anniversary USPS Stamps

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The US Postal Service is celebrating the 80th anniversary of Bugs Bunny with some brand-new limited edition stamps—and two of them feature our favorite Rascally Rabbit in high drag!

Bugs has long been celebrated by many in the LGBTQ+ community as a genderfluid icon. In the cartoon, he often dressed up as a woman to trick Elmer Fudd and in a few instances, the two would get fully married and earnestly live their lives together.

As a Reddit forum for transgender folk points out, "I don't think a single character has ever been responsible for awakening both more trans people and more furries as kids than Bugs Bunny." It's nice to see that legacy honored by the USPS collection. "Each day leading up to the reveal on July 27, we'll be sharing a

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