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Coronation Street star Kimberly Hart-Simpson on how her passion for sustainable fashion saved her mental health

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Diana portrait mysteriously vanishes from EastEnders set before Charles visitCoronation Street star going to bed early amid cost of living crisisThe Guiding Light and Broadway star Lee Lawson dies‘I was doing this way before I started on Corrie.

I’ve been doing this for years and years and talking about it. Where I’ve been shopping for years, British Heart Foundation in particular was a place I went to because it was local to me and they ended up saving my sister’s life.

So I was unknowingly investing my money into something we’ve probably all been affected by in our families and stuff. It just makes me feel good, so why stop?’As her skills developed, Kimberly set up a small business of her own called Hart-Work. ‘It started off making a couple of pencil cases, something like that,’ she says. ‘The cheapest sewing machine you could find put on an Argos card because I couldn’t afford to buy it outright.

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