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Emeli Sande announces engagement to girlfriend - six months after coming out as LGBT

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"It's all new... being out and being proud," she told Attitude magazine, adding: "I've felt so much support from the community."She continued: "I hadn't really thought about [my identity], I was just enjoying being in love."I just feel that I can fall in love with anybody at any time, and right now I'm in love with Yoana and that's it for life!"She also revealed that she had experienced a period of "depression" before meeting her partner and, in retrospect, wishes she had been out in the open about her attraction to women earlier.It has been ten years since Emeli tied the knot for the first time, having said "I do" to marine biologist Adam Gouraguine back in 2012.They originally met in 2004 when the pair were studying medicine together at Glasgow University and she planned on becoming a doctor.She dropped out of her degree course after three years to pursue her passion for music, but her relationship with her boyfriend remained as strong as ever.Her music career soared, and she married him in 2012, the same year she was crowned the UK's bestselling artist, playing to a TV audience of 26 million people at the Olympics closing ceremony.However, the pair separated two years later after deciding they were better as friends, and the star has since revealed to the world that she is proudly LGBT.She isn't keen on pigeon-holing her identity, explaining: "I’m not sure what I identify as but I guess [I'm bisexual.]"I just feel like I should fall in love with whoever I fall in love with."Emeli first broke the news to her followers about her sexuality and new love affair back in April, via Instagram, when she described Yoana as her "soulmate"."I'm so lucky to have found my soul mate, she's such an extraordinary woman!

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