Finally justice for gay survivor of gang rape hate crime

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The gay survivor of a hate crime kidnapping and gang rape says he can finally restart his life after the Worcester Magistrates Court sentenced his attackers on Tuesday. In October 2021, Rodney Beukes, Austin Fritz and Peter John Adams, reputed to be members of the feared Ford Boys Gang, were found guilty of kidnapping and raping the unnamed man in Ceres in 2017.

The survivor, who was 23 when he was raped, testified that he believes that he was targeted because he is gay. Even though the criminals were found guilty last year, the survivor has had to endure months of delays for the sentences to be passed.

On Tuesday, justice was finally meted out to the criminals, concluding a case that spanned more than four years. Two of the accused received 20-year sentences and one was sentenced to 10 years in jail.

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