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Five books to read this summer that centre on the LGBTQ+ community

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study, at least 11.9 percent of characters on primetime broadcasting in the US were LGBTQ+, an increase of 2.8 percent from the previous year.But that jump doesn’t even compare to the increase in LGBTQ+ literature.In 2021, around 5 million LGBTQ+ novels were sold in the US, doubling the previous year’s sales, according to NPD BookScan.To mark this landmark achievement, here is a list of book recommendations from the last five years that centre on the LGBTQ+ community, and that would make ideal summer reading.A post shared by Alexis Hall (@quicunquevult)'A Lady for a Duke' by Alexis Hall is about a trans woman who faked her death while fighting Napoleon in Waterloo.After she returns to England, she meets her long-lost friend, who doesn’t recognize her.They, of course, fall in love, and have to decide if it's worth fighting society to be together.That is why this book is a great beach read.

It will restore some of your faith in humanity, at least for the 480 pages until you get to the end.A post shared by Everina Maxwell (@everina_maxwell)'Winter’s Orbit' by Everina Maxwell is a space opera, meets murder mystery novel, with an arranged marriage thrown into the mix.It has a unique origin story, starting life as a self-published original story on Archive of our Own (A03), a fanfiction website.And maybe because of that, this book feels like it was written for the author's friends, in the best possible way.Much of the worldbuilding is beautifully utopian.

Most impressively, gender isn’t expressed by modern signifiers, such as hair or clothes. It is instead shown through a person’s hairpiece, pin, or jewellery.'Peter Darling' by Austin Chant is a queer, trans retelling of Peter Pan.In this story, Peter is transmasculine, and he.

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