Florence And The Machine's New Album Is Here And People Have The Most Feral Reactions

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Dance Fever. And of course, I had to collect them somehow.can't believe we're going to witness florence and the machine destroy the patriarchy and dismantle religion in just over an hour xnew florence and the machine this friday how are we feeling gayssorry professor i can’t turn in my final paper florence and the machine is dropping a new album tomorrow i need to fuck off to the woods and dance in a fairy ring for a whileflorence and the machine has two types of songs one where there's lots of drums and she talks about being an ancient god with the power of the ocean and the other type is just like "it was 8:52 on a tuesday in peckham when i last spoke to you.

clarissa."watch out for all the long skirt eyeliner girls this weekend. we will all be going on dramatic lone walks listening to the new florence and the machine and becoming so absorbed in pretending we're a mythical goddess that we trip over our own feet or walk into a polesuch a shame i don’t have friends who experience florence and the machine’s songs the same way i do because it lowers my chances of having a coven dance fever party@MoodAdjuster florence and the machine has two types of songs, the ones that make you cry and the ones that give you a religious experience and make you crylistening to florence and the machine and thinking like ur right, bestie, i DO need my golden crown of sorrow and my bloody sword to swing.

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