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Florida teen warned not to ‘say gay’ during graduation speech finds perfectly shady solution

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had been warned not to discuss his experience as a gay student during his graduation speech. Moricz is the youngest public plaintiff in the lawsuit against Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill and organized student walkouts in March against the then-pending legislation.

Ahead of his graduation, Moricz was called to the principal’s office and informed that if he discussed his role in the case or any of his activism during his speech, his mic would be cut and the ceremony halted.So when he stepped up to the podium at Pine View High to deliver his speech, school officials were listening closely.

What they heard was a story about Moricz’s hair.“I must discuss a very public part of my identity. This characteristic has probably become the first thing you think of when you think of me as a human being,” he said.“As you know,” he continued, “I have curly hair.”As Moricz removed his graduation cap to run his fingers through his locks, his peers laughed and clapped in approval.Related: Florida teen goes viral educating history teacher on Stonewall.

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