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Gay Weatherman Could Be First Out Congressman From Illinois

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Peoria’s ABC affiliate reports:“I got into this race because to me, being the meteorologist on TV was about protecting my community.

It was about being a trusted communicator who could be relied on to tell the truth. It was more than just telling you to put on an extra layer or to grab the umbrella, it was when to take your kids to the basement for a tornado, when to prepare for flash flooding, and when to take extra caution on icy roads.

Through it all, I was working for the people in our community, not the TV station.“In a moment where we are recovering from a global pandemic, seeing the rollback of reproductive rights, increasing gun violence, and painful inflation, it’s clear that we need more science and less partisan bickering.

For two decades my job was to communicate truthfully to our community. Now, I am honored to be the Democratic nominee to go communicate our challenges and values to Congress.”King is on the far right.

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