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His BF is controlling his wardrobe choices, and the Internet is raising the red flag

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One guy is restricting his boyfriend’s right to bare arms—so to speak—and Reddit isn’t having it.In an August 9 post on r/askgaybros, the latter guy—who disclosed that he’s 18 years old—wrote that he posted a photo of himself shirtless to his Instagram Stories while on vacation with his family.

For the sake of clarity, we’ll call him Chester.“I’ve been working on my body this summer, and I was really happy with the results,” Chester explained. “For the first time, I felt comfortable with my body.”But Chester’s boyfriend then messaged him to say he shouldn’t post photos like that without the boyfriend’s permission and that Chester shouldn’t be topless in public in the first place. “I was confused and pissed with what he said,” Chester said. “It’s not like I posted a naked picture of myself on social media.”Related: 6 red flags gay men ignore at their peril when datingAnd this isn’t even the first time the boyfriend has been controlling: “Something similar happened a week ago before I left for vacation.

I met him for lunch, and it was really hot, so I decided to wear a tank top and shorts. He didn’t like what I was wearing, and we argued because, according to him, two men sitting adjacent to our table were looking at me. … He said I should be careful with what I wear.”Commenters, suffice it to say, were freaked out by Chester’s anecdote.“Insecurity… a lot of it,” one person wrote.Someone else replied, “Not just insecurity.

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