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I couldn’t find any support for LGBT Black dads like me, so I started my own group

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LGBT adopter, I know people must assume I’ve had to encounter lots of hurdles – but I really haven’t. In fact, it felt like it made the process even easier, as children of colour are crying out for parents like me to give them a forever home.When I saw my son, Felix (not his real name), it really was love at first sight.

I’d initially had my mind set on a child under 18 months, but when I saw a picture of Felix, then four, on the database of children up for adoption in the UK, I just knew he was meant to be mine.

In an instant, I could visualise him in my home and in my mum’s house, him giving his grandmother a cuddle.In total, the whole process took about 12 months and by April 2019, Felix, now five, had moved in with me.

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