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John Oliver Blasts Gov. Ron DeSantis, Says He’s ‘Scared of Gay People’

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Last Week Tonight when it came to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his attacks against Disney.The GOP governor signed a bill last month that stripped Disney World of its special self-governing status in response to the company speaking out against that state's “don’t say gay” law.After the bill was signed by DeSantis, the Walt Disney Company was quick to release a statement vowing to help repeal the contentious law.

The special status Disney World held started in 1967 and had served to let Disney economically boost central Florida while allowing the company millions in tax breaks and annual fees, according to Vanity Fair.“Yeah, it’s true: In the part of central Florida where Disney World is, the company technically functions as a self-contained government, providing essential services — except, crucially, a morgue,” Oliver joked. “Why?

Because no one—look at me—no one has ever died at Disney, and no one will ever die at Disney. Do you hear me? There is no f****** morgue at Disney.

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