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Karman Kregloe's Country Rock Sound is Inherently Queer in Debut EP

Karman Kregloe. A longtime veteran of LGBTQ+ media, Kregloe explores her roots on the EP that includes “Deadwood Days,” a murder ballad set in her hometown of Blacksburg, and “Climbing the Vine,” about a female military vet who overcame PTSD through the use of Ayahuasca.

Other, more autobiographical songs on the collection that is not always explicitly queer but shaped by Kregloe’s identity as a queer person include “Hummingbird” and “Fire in the Walls.”“My first single, ‘Hummingbird,’ was originally used as a theme song for the lesbian romantic drama series Maybelle, written by and starring my wife, Bridget McManus,” Kregloe tells The Advocate in a statement.

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