Leinster rugby player Nick McCarthy comes out as gay

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Leinster rugby player Nick McCarthy has opened up about his sexuality and what it was like to come out to his teammates and why he decided to do it now.In an interview with Marcus Ó Buachalla, the scrum-half player talked about when he came out to his team “I came out to my teammates in January and I was obviously pretty nervous about doing so, but I’m really happy that I did it.”He also talks about the struggle he endured in the lead-up to coming out “I struggled with coming out for a while and it was starting to impact me and my happiness so it was the right decision.”Speaking about how it affected him, the 27-year-old said “It affected me so much that I agonised over my future and contemplated walking away from rugby altogether because I just didn’t think I could come out while playing rugby”.

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