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We need to talk about all the super homoerotic stuff happening on The History Channel’s YouTube page

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upcoming event docuseries, Colosseum, a perhaps unintentionally sexy look at the age of gladiators filled with ancient Roman eye candy that had us setting our DVRs to the network for the first time in… ever?Well, because we’re so thirsty such big history buffs, that got us wondering what else HISTORY had to offer.

It only took a quick Google search to find that the network’s YouTube page is rife with content that, while not overtly queer, is definitely twinged with enough homoeroticism to please the casual internet browser—we’re talking hours and hours of footage of strapping men recreating ancient battles in frequently very little clothing.Related: History buffs list their favorite facts about queerness through the agesOf course, there’s a lot of other stuff to sift through.

In the past decade or so, HISTORY has gotten a lot of flak for straying away from actual history, and the YouTube channel reflects that with a mind-numbing amount of sensationalist video about aliens, conspiracies, and two dudes who like to dig through trash in search of priceless antiques (wait… maybe that last one’s a little gay?).With that in mind, we’ve assembled a handy guide to only the gayest content available on HISTORY’s YouTube.

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