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Meet Fríði Djurhuus, frontman of the Faroe Islands' first queer vegan punk band

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third album’s release on 1 March. They’ve only been together for a few years but their rise has been huge for the country.

They won Band of the Year at the Faroese Music Awards in 2020 and have toured extensively outside the Faroes.It’s a far cry from Djurhuus’ upbringing, in the bible belt of the Faroe Islands.

While capital city Tórshavn is hardly a bustling metropolis, Søldarfjørður, the village he grew up in on the island of Eysturoy is another level of remote entirely.

It had one convenience store but even that closed when he was nine years old.Growing up in Søldarfjørður meant your social life revolved either around church or football for a young boy.

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