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Johnny Sibilly says he would “totally f*ck” himself if he could

A post shared by JOHNNY SIBILLY (@johnnysibilly)Johnny Sibilly has told followers he would happily have sex with himself if it were possible to do so.On TikTok, the Queer As Folk actor posted a video of himself reacting to several contestants in a male beauty pageant. They came from different countries and most met with Sibilly’s lusty approval.One viewer then pointed out the obvious: The contestants all bear a passing resemblance to Sibilly himself.“Looks like you’re watching yourself, and the more you like the more they look like you,” they said.The observation throws up interesting ideas about male beauty: Do many gay men cultivate their looks to match their own ideas of beauty? Or is finding yourself attractive an example of self-acceptance?Related: Johnny Sibilly is telling the untold stories of proud queer men of colorSibilly took the comment and responded to it on a later TikTok video.“Interesting.

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25 LGBTQ+ Movies And TV Shows To Put On Your Must-See List This Pride Month
While the pandemic put an enormous strain on the film and television industry, things are finally getting back to where they used to be, but things are even gayer!With Sapphic vampires, queer Pride and Prejudice retellings, reboots of queer classics, and so much more, this Pride Month may just have a little something for everyone.While the original versions of Queer as Folk took the LGBTQ+ community by storm, the original incantations truly only showed a very white, cis-gender side of the queer community, which the new reboot aims to change. In the same fashion as the original, the reboot will be a very queer show that doesn’t stray away from serious topics, including what seems to be a Pulse-shooting inspired plot, but promises to center on queer joy.Fin Argus, Devin Way, Johnny Sibilly, Ryan O'Connell, Candace Grace, and Jesse James Keitel will lead the reboot, with Benito Skinner, Kim Catrall, and more set to guest star. While only time will tell the impact this reboot will have, let's hope it captures queer magic like its predecessors. A girl next-in-line to fill her monster hunting family’s shoes finds herself in love with a girl who happens to be a vampire. If you are a former Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan like myself, then your ears probably perked up, for good reason. The trailer for the show sets up a war between two families destined to be enemies with the sapphic yearning amped up to the max, making this one another to add to the watch list.While Halloween is not for some time, sapphic star-crossed lovers are timeless.One of the most anticipated queer films in recent years, Fire Island takes Pride and Prejudice and lets it take a huff of poppers while wearing only a jockstrap dancing to Lady Gaga, which frankly