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29 Jokes About Being A Queer Girlie That'll Make You Laugh, Then Cry

To all you bisexual women in relationships with men during mardi gras weekend, pls remember that you're just as queer as all those other bitches and you're welcome to prove it by making out with me.being gay is exhausting im tired of watching 6 seasons of a show for one lesbian kissfor an impartial mardi gras host there needs to be one host wearing grey cargo shorts and a polo shirt, who looks really uncomfortable and keeps talking about their wife, and they cannot be a lesbian the girlies who grew up fixated on these specific characters, how is it being gay now?every time i go thrift shopping in newtown i have to do my affirmation that a hot mullet lesbian employee won’t convince me to buy a $40+ piece of clothingJust a reminder that they could’ve been our Australian Idol hostshow the fuck am i supposed to find a tv show that will make me feel as well represented as killing eve did.

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