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PHOTOS: Take a trip down memory lane with these ‘Looking’ throwback pics from a series gone too soon

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Looking?The critically acclaimed HBO series — which starred hotties like Jonathan Groff, Murray Bartlett, and Russell Tovey — followed the lives of three gay friends as they tackled the messiness that comes with relationships, careers, and the San Fran 20-teen queer scene.

Despite lasting just two seasons (and a one-off finale movie), the show’s indie vibe and honest depiction of everything from douching to homophobia helped it become a cult classic amongst LGBTQ+ viewers.

And thanks to the power of HBO Max, a whole new generation has become acquainted with the exploits of Patrick, Dom, and Agustin.The way that tweets of Gen Z discovering basic details of HBO’s Looking are going viral shows we need to teach queer history in schools. Patrick and Richie’s meet cute on public transit, to a well-timed “Piece of Me” sync at the club, the elders of Gay Twitter (read: anyone who remembers dial up internet) have stepped up to educate Gen-Z on the series gone too soon.

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