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Everything you could possibly want to know (but are too afraid to ask) about dating a trans person… told by a trans person

The following is an excerpt from the new book The T in LGBT: Everything You Need to Know About Being Trans by Jamie Raines, published May 2024 by Sourcebooks. Available now wherever books are sold.The book offers a practical and highly accessible guide for those navigating society as a trans person or trying to gain understanding of the trans experience, from a psychologist, content creator, and LGBTQ+ advocate with over one million YouTube subscribers.A post shared by Jamie Raines (@jammi.dodger)Subscribe to our newsletter for a refreshing cocktail (or mocktail) of LGBTQ+ entertainment and pop culture, served up with a side of eye-candy.There’s definitely a misunderstanding among both cis and trans people, that dating becomes something entirely different when someone is trans. We’re not aliens, we just have a slightly different lived experience that doesn’t necessarily have to impact dating and relationships in a big way.The way trans people find dating and relationship partners, for example, is much the same as for cis people.

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