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That time Cyndi Lauper starred opposite Jeff Goldblum in the best worst ’80s movie ever

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Cyndi Lauper was recently trending on Twitter, with people expressing their love and admiration for the quirky ’80s pop star/longtime LGBTQ ally who has sold over 50 million records worldwide during her impressive 40+ year career.Related: Cyndi Lauper is having a moment on Twitter right now and everyone is crushing hardWhile she’s primarily known as a singer and songwriter, Lauper is also an occasional actress.

In 1988, she starred in the box office bomb Vibes, playing a psychic named Sylvia, who goes with her friend Nick (played by Jeff Goldblum) on a pilgrimage to the Ecuadorian Andes to find the “source of psychic energy”.

The movie cost $18 million to produce and earned just $1.8 million in ticket sales, along with terrible reviews. Since then, however, it has achieved cult status among both fans of Lauper and bad ’80s comedies.Related: Laura Dern is having a moment on Twitter right now and we think we might be in loveIt was Lauper’s first starring role in a major motion picture, having only appeared in a few cameos before that, including one in 1985’s The Goonies.

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