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“The cerebral assassin”: Fans react to Megami’s comments on the latest Drag Race episode

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Megami has opened up about her strategy on the latest episode of Drag Race, and fans are obsessed. On the thrilling penultimate episode of season 16, the eliminated queens made a dramatic return to the ‘new and improved’ main stage, where they battled it out in a final LaLaPaRuZa Lip-Sync Smackdown.

With a $50,000 cash tip and the prestigious title of the ‘Queen of She Done Already Had Hers’ on the line, the talented contestants delivered drama, charisma, and stunning dance moves to fight for their spots.

While all of the queens’ performed their hearts out, New York talent Megami proved to be a standout with viewers due to her epic wins over Q, Amanda Tori Meating, and Mhi’ya Iman Le’Paige.

Shortly after the episode was released, Megami took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share further insight into her iconic strategy for each lip-sync.  “I really went into this LaLa with a plan for every possibility.

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