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The Great British Bake Off Musical is a sweet treat on London’s West End – review

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As much as we adore the TV show, with the wonderful work it’s done in platforming an incredibly diverse cast of contestants over multiple seasons – and of course, for its penchant for entertainingly smutty innuendo – we weren’t entirely sure The Great British Bake Off would really lend itself to a musical theatre show.

To an extent, we were right: there’s not a huge amount here in terms of plot, and while we warmed to the characters, most of the people we met during the show didn’t have the most nuanced or developed back stories.

It’s all very light entertainment stuff, staying extremely authentic to its source material. That said, we enjoyed The Great British Bake Off Musical a lot more than we were expecting to.

Originally premiering in Cheltenham last year, Jake Brunger and Pippa Cleary’s show has now opened on the West End for an eight-week run.

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