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The Only Thing Red This Morning Are the Faces of Trump and McCarthy

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If you’re a political junkie who didn’t wake up this morning because you never went to bed last night, how do you feel today?

Energized? Or, if you did go to bed, and woke up, what was your first reaction to what happened overnight? Surprised?We had been brainwashed, subsumed, and lectured that a bad economy, possible recession, rampant inflation, high gas prices, an unpopular president, and the usual domination of midterms by the party not in the White House meant disaster for the Democrats.Political pundits were busy predicting a red wave; however, it crested short of the shore last night.To be sure, the results of yesterday’s election will continue to waver, be tallied, counted, and challenged, so brace yourself for more anxiety, more controversy, more vitriol, and more uncertainty.

If the red wave hasn’t crested, that doesn’t mean that the boat won’t wake and rock. Republicans may still yet get control of the House and the Senate, but the electorate, for the most part, sent a message last night that Republican extremism needs to stop, or at the very least, ease.The captain of the House Republican ship, Kevin McCarthy predicted a red tsunami and predicted that Republicans would sail on to a super-majority in the House.

The only thing red this morning is McCarthy’s face from the embarrassment of making such an outlandish statement.Yes, the House may still go to the Republicans, but consider this – one of the things the midterms revealed is that Trump-backed candidates for the most part sank.

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