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These 18 LGBTQ+ Books Gave Me A Whole New Perspective, So I Really Recommend You Read Them

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Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit is one of Winterson’s most famous books, in which she retells her life through myths and stories, and it is a touching adventure to read while reflecting on the many shades in which everyone experiences their existence.

Oranges are not, in fact, the only fruit, just as there isn’t only one way of life. Get it from Bookshop or your local bookstore via Indiebound here.Bernardine Evaristo didn’t win the Booker Prize for Fiction with this book for no reason.

Girl, Woman, Other is a hymn to identity, its intersections, and women. Twelve women of color to be precise. All living in England, all of different ages, each with a story to tell.

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