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Tips for preparing your home for fall

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It looks like fall season is upon us, judging by all the pumpkin spice everywhere. I was just walking through HomeGoods and went down the ‘fall aisles,’ which made me think, similar to how we ready our homes for the spring/summer season, we must prepare our homes for the fall/winter months as well.

Here are a few tips to prepare your home for the fall season and into winter. Tip One: Check those leaks! Inspect your exterior windows and doors to ensure that there are no holes or spaces where warm air can escape when you have the heat on.

We should all be a bit more environmentally friendly and just as you are saving the turtles by now using straws, you should also try to use less electricity and fossil fuels – as such helping to ensure your home is air tight will not only aid the environment but it will also cut down on your energy bills, which will afford you a clearer conscience and more drinks at Trade. Tip Two: HVAC Service It is always a good rule of thumb to have your HVAC system serviced around the change of weather/seasons.

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