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“We were taking a risk”: Tuc Watkins reunites with the director of his first movie, the gay rom-com ‘I Think I Do’

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I Think I Do was ahead of its time, we mean that a few different ways.Not only was it was one of the first examples of an LGBTQ+ led comedy intended to appeal to broad audiences, it was also a movie that dared to envision a future where queer couples could have the same dreams and anxieties about getting married as straight couples—18 years before gay marriage was legalized across the U.S.!But I Think I Do isn’t some utopian sci-fi movie.

It’s a charmingly down-to-earth screwball comedy about relationships. About a group of college pals reuniting at a wedding after years apart.

About a man torn between his picture-perfect partner and the guy he knows he shouldn’t still have feelings for.It’s about Bob (the late, great Alexis Arquette), a successful TV writer currently dating a hunky soap star Sterling Scott (Tuc Watkins, in his first film role), who heads to D.C.

for his straight friends’ wedding. Only, he didn’t anticipate seeing his former roommate/unrequited crush Brendan (Christian Maelen) there.

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