16 Hilarious Gay Tweets From This Week

Gay culture is making a drink 99% alcohol with a *splash* of club soda and being like “wow how did we get so messy last night”Me in youth group reading “man must not lie with a man”Gays when Gaga dropped Joanne.white gays when they see tiktok getting banned and lose half their personalityIs Grindr really any different than this bird app?Looks like my tarot deck joined Grindrif gay twitter was a signMe on Hinge vs me on GrindrWhen the the sex was good and he laughed at all your jokesThis is gay twitterme messaging bottoms vs.

me messaging topsgay culture is having multiple fanfic tabs open for later and never reading themThe gays and I 3 seconds into quarantineold white man on grindr: you’re so beautiful me:RT to save an aged twink.

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