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Are you a gay son or a thot daughter? Twitter has the answer

Reading now: 214 yes, thot daughter and gay son: the two genders! But what does this question actually mean, and where does it come from?

We were able to trace this important query back to its origins, which appears to be (predictably) a February tweet from F1NN5TER, the popular cis male Twitch streamer who dons a hyper-feminine persona for fans.

Don’t settle for Hogwarts Legacy: we’ve got options, y’all! Over the weekend, F1NN5TER may have single-handedly caused the word “femboy” to trend after posting a powerful image of himself in full girl mode cuddling with British model and YouTuber Belle Delphine.

I DID IT LADS!!! before that, F1NN5TER asked us to choose our player: gay son, or thot daughter?Gay son or Thot daughter may have posed the question in jest, as a nod to his own gender multitudes, but some users have taken the challenge and run with it.

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