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WATCH: Netflix is about to make one of its most popular reality shows super queer

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Survivor‘s first season—nearly 23 years ago(!)—effectively ushering in a modern renaissance for the genre.And this goes especially for dating reality shows.

Think about it: When you get a bunch of horny singles together who could potentially be attracted to all of their fellow contestants?

Well, the possibilities for drama are endless!That’s a lesson MTV’s matchmaking show Are You The One? learned with its chaotic and wildly entertaining all-queer season back in 2019.Now, Netflix hopes to inject one of its popular reality series with a heaping dose of queer, bringing back The Ultimatum with a cast of women and non-binary people.10 lucky single guys will be matched together on the UK’s first gay dating show ‘I Kissed A Boy’.The Ultimatum: Queer Love is set to premiere on May 24, returning to the formula that made the first season can’t-miss TV for dating show lovers: A group of couples come together, each at an important crossroads in their relationships—one of them is ready for marriage, the other has cold feet.True to its title, the Netflix series has the couples commit to either getting married before the eight-week social experiment is up or break up for good.

The twist? Everyone will be paired up with compatible matches among the fellow contestants, and offered a glimpse into a hypothetical future with someone else.We’re no statisticians, but there are far more romantic pairing possibilities among 10 queer folks than 10 straights folks, right?

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