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This gay OnlyFans star is exposing viewers to another side of sex work

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DOXY. “I’m living the f****** dream.”But there is a dark side beneath the intoxicating hedonism and bacchanalia. Anderson, whose stage name is “Johnny Ford”, is also using his platform to spread awareness about the danger and uncertainty that sex workers and OnlyFans creators face on a daily basis.

At the end of the DOXY trailer, the fun-loving, confident stud dancing seen dancing in a jock strap in the opening scenes is suddenly reduced to tears. “I’m not good at anything else,” he laments. “There’s always another night.”Watch the DOXY trailer below:A post shared by Doxy short film official page (@doxyshortfilm)OnlyFans’ popularity surged during the pandemic, spiking from 7.5 million users in November 2019 to 85 million users by December 2020.

But as those numbers indicate, there is now a massive surplus of creators vying for the same customer base. We’ve all read stories about how OnlyFans stars can earn tens of thousands of dollars per month–if not more.

But they are the vast minority, Anderson says. For many, the personal cost of having nude photos and sex videos online indefinitely far outweighs any monetary gains.

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