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Muriel Bowser

Muriel Elizabeth Bowser (born August 2, 1972) is an American politician serving as the eighth Mayor of the District of Columbia since 2015. A member of the Democratic Party, she previously represented Ward 4 as a member of the Council of the District of Columbia from 2007 to 2015. She is the second female Mayor of the District of Columbia after Sharon Pratt, and the first woman to be reelected to that position.

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Biden shouldn’t be expected to fall on his sword for D.C.

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Congress should butt out of D.C.’s business! But I understand why some Democrats will not. I also understand why President Biden will not veto a bill overriding D.C.’s Criminal Code legislation.

We should never expect a politician to fall on their sword and that is what the president and some Democrats in Congress up for election in 2024, would be doing if they support D.C.’s crime bill.

Explaining to their constituents they only supported what is in that bill, because they wanted to support home rule for D.C., would be nearly impossible.

Crime is the issue today. You need only look at the Chicago primary election and Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s loss. It was all about crime, or fear.

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