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Dem Senate Hopeful Mocks Josh Hawley Over Porn Comments in Campaign Ad

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Lucas Kunce, the Missouri Democrat who announced his commitment to ousting U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley in an ad on January 6, wants everybody to notice the Republican's seeming obsession with pornography.In a new campaign ad, Kunce asks, "Want to help Josh focus on the issues that matter to him?"The question flashes onto the screen 42 seconds into the 60-second spot, during which Hawley can be heard saying "porn" or "pornography" 18 times.In the preceding 41 seconds, the advertisement focuses on Hawley's seemingly non-stop discussion of the perils of pornography.Kunce tweeted a video of the ad along with the comment, "Josh Hawley is always focused on the issues that matter most to him.

Like..." The video begins with Axios co-founder Mike Allen asking Hawley whether he genuinely believes that liberal policies are pushing people into consuming porn and playing "Donkey Kong."In November 2021, Hawley addressed porn during the interview with Axios, from which the Kunce campaign took the clip."As conservatives, we've got to call men back to responsibility.

We've got to say that spending your time not working...spending your time on video games, spending your time watching porn online...is not good for you, your family, or this country," Hawley said. "I'm sure clips of you saying that will be everywhere," Tucker Carlson says in an edited clip from Hawley's appearance on the Fox entertainer's show where he discussed porn."Rebel against liberal culture: Quit porn.

Start a real relationship. Start a family. Have your own ideas - and stand up for them," wrote Hawley on December 20 last year on Twitter with a video of his interview with Carlson.

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