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Drag Race judge Loni Love issues apology to season 15 queens: ‘You deserve more’

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Loni Love, a recurring judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, has addressed the controversy that’s currently plaguing season 15. Although Drag Race’s move to MTV is major in terms of queer visibility, the series has been cut from its standard 60 minute runtime to 40 (without ads) in order to make room for another LGBTQ+ series, The Friends of WeHo.

With the runway and judges’ deliberations being significantly shortened as a result, the decision was met with fierce opposition from fans, who launched a petition for Drag Race “to return” to one-hour episodes.

In addition, commentary from the queens during their runway walk has been cut and – this part is sacrilege – RuPaul’s signature call-to-action, “Bring back my girls”.

Drag Race alumni also shared their distaste, with season 15’s Salina Estitties tweeting that the cast “worked two hard and invested too much” for the edit to be slashed and, “I just wanted to see more of the gals.” Loosey LaDuca wrote: “These short runways are AC-TU-AL-LY killing me.

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