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Fitness instructor Kamal-Craig Golaube on booty-shaking music, ‘Drag Race’, and his worst Grindr story

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A post shared by Kamal-Craig Golaube (@mr.spengasunshine)They call him “Mr. Sunshine.” Kamal-Craig Golaube was a track star in college, and now as a post-grad, he’s a superstar in the spin studio.“I’m out, gay, and proud,” he tells Queerty. “I’m not afraid anymore to say what my sexual orientation is.

It’s [created] so much confidence, and allowed me to think outside of the box, and be more in tune with my feelings and emotions.”Though Golaube is only 24 years old, his story illustrates the power of self-discovery.

As a sophomore at Portland State University, he was depressed and adrift, and his performance was suffering in the classroom and on the track.It was around this time when he wrote down “sexuality” on a piece of paper, and stared at the word for hours.

Complete mental clarity didn’t come immediately. It was a long process. But when it arrived, Golaube transformed.He transferred to Colorado State University and helped the Rams win three Mountain West Championships–placing himself in the school record books along the way.

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